Commercial Storage from VARTA

Presentation of the large-capacity storage unit VARTA flex storage E with integrated battery inverter

The battery manufacturer VARTA offers energy storage solutions for the residential and commercial sector. The product portfolio ranges from compact entry-level models to large-scale storage systems, all of which have an integrated battery inverter.

In addition to the already well-known energy storage solutions VARTA Pulse neo (6.5kWh) and VARTA Element Backup (6.5 / 13.0 / 19.5 kWh), you will now also find the commercial storage VARTA flex storage E (75 - 750kWh) in the Krannich portfolio.

It is assumed that the commercial storage segment will grow strongly in the coming years. However, storage solutions in the commercial and industrial sector present special requirements. With the VARTA flex storage E, you are well equipped for any use case.

This energy storage solution has many advantages. For example, the VARTA flex storage E offers maximum reliability through proven industrial components, an integrated tie switch for central NA protection in accordance with VDE AR-4105 and an optional emergency power function with active PV system. In addition, commissioning is always carried out by a VARTA technician. This service is already included in the price in Germany and Austria. The VARTA flex storage E also offers the possibility of an individual combination of charging power and storage capacity and can be cascaded with up to 5 VARTA flex storage systems.

The following figure shows some example configurations.

1 Examples for versions without emergency power function - Other combinations (kW and kWh) available. Subject to change without notice.


In addition, the VARTA flex storage E brings the possibility of visualization of third-party inverters and is backup power certified. You can download the certificate on the VARTA website.

The VARTA flex storage E also enables the following additional scenarios:

  • Peak shaving/dynamic peak load capping
  • Grid expansion avoidance
  • Self-consumption maximization
  • Primary/secondary control energy
  • Save taxes through investments with too much gross profit

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