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Introducing our departments

We are looking for eager employees who want to work together with us on our vision '100% renewable energy' and who are convinced that together more is always possible. Therefore, we would like to give a first insight into our departments and our joint work.

Global growth is bringing new employees – and a constant search for new colleagues. There’s a lot to do to ensure everything works and everyone feels comfortable. Candidates, employees, executives, management – they all have questions. We provide answers. Hands full? Big hearts! With empathy, openness and sensitivity, we provide the right solution to every situation. And a dash of humour on top.

Customers or business partners, visitors or colleagues – no one gets past us! We are the first point of contact for all kinds of tasks. Over the phone, by email or in person. Organisational talent and a cool head are vital to maintain an overview and juggle all these commitments. Sometimes frantic? Always friendly! A warm smile, and on we go!

Digitalisation is the talk of the moment. Our company has already turned talk into reality – our website and webshop place online operations at the heart of our day-to-day business. New challenges? Innovative solutions! Diverse, exciting and definitely never boring! Joining sales and marketing in exploring new avenues. And always one step ahead. Gladly with new colleagues. Commitment and motivation are key –it’s all about going the extra mile.

Communication is everything – and we do everything to make communication great. Online campaigns, trade fairs, brochures, advertising and promotional materials: you name it, we plan and realise it. At national level? Sure. And international, too! Responsibility for the marketing measures at our branches is rooted in the interface between headquarters and sales. Fast decisions, flat hierarchies, individual ideas. Welcoming spontaneity and flexibility, embracing communication and dynamism, always working as a team!

Back office and field service work hand in hand in every sales region. Always delivering a strong impression. Social skills and technical expertise form the backbone of solid relationships with both customers and suppliers. The secret of eternal loyalty? Continuity with a dash of tenacity! And a helping of personal responsibility and transparent communication. In other words, intrapreneurs.

The interface between sales, dispatching and logistics – the cornerstone of smooth processes. Starting with order creation, and going far beyond timely delivery. Goal of the day? Complete satisfaction! The winning formula: always stay on top of things. Ideally by communicating with sales colleagues and contacting customers. This works very well. And it’s even better with new, motivated and communicative colleagues.

Once the sale is completed, our door remains open! Working with other departments, suppliers and logistics partners, we are the direct link to our customers. Sounds stressful? No sweat! We bring flexibility, organisational talent and empathy to the table to solve fascinating challenges. And we are the go-to partner for all kinds of technical questions and problems related to our products.

Responsibility is our watchword when we enter negotiations. Terms and conditions of purchasing are right up our street. Global is the norm for us. On-time delivery for ideal stock levels and efficient supply lines for sales. Top goods? Great prices! Working together for our future – and all you can buy for it.

Contracts with customers and suppliers take centre stage. But there are also all kinds of legal questions from colleagues around the world. Are we always right? That depends! Professionals with legal knowledge and a business mindset who can come up with pragmatic solutions are always welcome!

Our mission? Expansion, setting up new branches, and management and control of established national subsidiaries. Our motivation? Interfacing with our local teams to be successful and perform a little better every day! Personal relations? Regular connections! For this reason, daily communication is all part of the job – but so are travels to our branches, trade fairs and regional meetings.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you do need to keep it turning. This goes for the entire IT infrastructure throughout all departments and branches. It applies to support and essential large-scale projects alike. A problem well stated is a problem half solved! Communication is key, in the team and worldwide.

Goods in, goods out. A clear overview and full control are vital. Incoming goods are inspected and stored, outgoing goods loaded on pallets. All a matter of coordination? Yes, and concentration! To ensure goods always reach their destinations intact, complete and on time.

Efficiency does not come naturally. Keeping a watchful eye on the figures, we are in constant communication with all operational departments worldwide. With sales revenue, costs and liquidity as our main priorities. And if a hiccup does occur, we seek out the causes and support the solutions.

We keep a seamless record of all transactions – nothing slips through. These figures form the basis of our annual result. Customer receivables and supplier payables are a further focus. And then there’s accounting, cash flows and liquidity. Figures, figures, figures? We can’t get enough of them! Down to the last decimal place.

Large-scale photovoltaic projects need comprehensive support. Goals are reached in many stages, from approval to planning and installation. Not forgetting maintenance and operational management of existing photovoltaic power plants. Expertise? All-rounders! If you have an affinity for planning and technology and some commercial and contract knowledge, you could be the perfect fit!

Every purchase order reaches its destination – no question. As groupage freight, part- or full load, by parcel or courier service, in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Always on time. Always reliable. Working with a network of strong logistics partners. Sometimes routine? Mostly challenging! It’s vital to be flexible and keep the goal in sight. Sure, things can get frantic. No worries – we work hand-in hand.

Digitalisation today. And tomorrow? We drive ideas forward. Optimisation and automation are what it’s all about. We focus on our colleagues and their daily work, and create a vision for their future. Complex, but never complicated. With plenty of communication, plenty of responsibility and lots of interesting ideas. For every single one of us. And for the whole team.


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