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Starting out on a career, or seeking new challenges to make the most of your experience? At Krannich, personal success stories await everyone seeking to join us in shaping the market. Flexibility is sought after, dynamism is expected. Plus a hands-on mindset and the ability to think outside the box. We offer fascinating challenges and the wide-ranging perspectives of an international company in an array of career fields. Be bold!

Introducing ourselves

Our departments

Different departments do their best every day to achieve our vision of '100% renewable energy'.

A wide variety of tasks await you in our teams, according to your personal skills, strengths, interests and goals. Get to know our departments.

We look forward to receiving your application!

An overview of our current vacancies and the areas that are looking for reinforcement.

Apply quickly and easily via the "Apply now" button in the respective job advertisement.

Your career start at Krannich

The application process

If everything is clear and there are no further questions on the tip of your tongue, apply quickly and easily via the "Apply now" button in our job posting. As long as the positions are published on our website, they are still up to date, also otherwise there are no application deadlines to consider. In general, we welcome all applications that find their way to us. Please understand that we cannot decide on the basis of a short phone call whether you will be on the shortlist for us to fill the position. Therefore: a call just for the sake of calling is old hat and doesn't get either of us anywhere, we still have plenty of time for the important questions during the application process. You can find out what to expect after the application here:


Application received

You will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt and thus have the certainty that the documents have arrived where they belong. From now on, our very personal application process starts and your documents go directly into the hands of our HR department and your future department manager. When recruiting employees, we rely on our own competence and personality - we do not use pre-selection by machines or electronic tests.



First interview

The invitation to an interview is almost always made by telephone - this makes it easier to coordinate appointments. We are also excited and look forward to getting to know you in person. You don't need to be nervous, just show yourself as you are and remain natural and authentic. You can expect the same from us! You have a free hand in choosing your clothes, there is no dress code with us.



Second interview

We would like to deepen our impressions from the first interview in a second interview. You may also get to know other colleagues. In any case, you will also get a look behind the scenes in our second interview: a short tour of the company, your potential place of work, and an initial introduction are all part of the process. In many departments, we also try to organize a work experience lasting several hours on a trial basis. This also gives you an intensive opportunity to check whether the job and the team match your expectations.


Congratulations - our offer

We will inform you about our offer by phone - of course, you will have enough time to think about it and make your decision. In any case, you can rely on our promise and our word. If the general conditions also suit you, you will have your employment contract in your hands within a few days.


A personal process takes time

Of course, we cannot invite all applicants for an interview, and often it is only minor details that make the difference in our decision. It is difficult for us to give you binding feedback in advance about how long the application process will take. This depends on an incredible number of factors. However, we can promise that we will get back to you as soon as possible. As long as you have not received any feedback, you are still in the running for the advertised position. If it takes longer: please contact us and ask us what the problem is. Don't assume that we don't value you, the opposite is the case: a personal process takes time and we don't want to rush things.


In case it did not work out

If we were able to get to know you personally during the interview, we will give you the opportunity to get feedback by phone about the interview and the reasons for our decision. You are welcome to become active here and contact us.

Personal success in your hands

Even if the job of your dreams is not among our vacancies, the door is not automatically closed. If you take a step toward us on your own initiative, you're showing initiative - and who knows, maybe something will fit after all.

The chance of finding the right moment with a speculative application is like looking for a needle in a haystack. That's why it's all the more important for you to send us a speculative application with concrete ideas about your future area of work.
Of course, we are most interested in why you see your professional future with us. If your profile is of interest to us, we will keep your application documents for a longer period of time in order to check all future options. If no suitable employment opportunity arises within approx. 3 months, we will let you know. Please understand that we cannot keep your application documents with us indefinitely.
However, we would be pleased if you would still take a look at our website from time to time and apply to us again if a suitable position arises.

Do you have any questions?

Do you have any questions that are not answered in our description of the application process?

Our HR team is there for you by phone: 
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Alika Novikova: Specialist for HR Digitisation and Employer Branding, in the team since February 2022

Karin Fetzer: Head of Human Resources Krannich Solar, working for Krannich since 2012 

Alina Boos: Contact person focus on education and training, in the team since summer 2021

Vanessa Bochyn: Coordination of all international personnel matters, in the team since April 2022