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Service? With heart and soul!

Of course we’re wholesalers – but service is our specialty! After all, our expertise is the focus, and our service makes all the difference. So where can that service be found? In our DNA, in our blood, and – first and foremost – in each and every member of our company. In tandem with our product catalogue and our stellar delivery capability, our service is the premier benefit for our customers. They experience it first when they contact their personal sales department representative, and on many other occasions afterwards. So don’t delay – contact us today!


As good afterwards
as it was before

After Sales & Services

It’s not unknown for something to go wrong – but when that happens, it’s vital to come up with a good solution fast. In that situation we act as the interface between manufacturers, logistics partners and our own internal departments. 

After all, service doesn’t stop when a sale is clinched. As the name implies, After Sales Service involves fast, flexible processing of enquiries or complaints, always focused on keeping your project on schedule.

Ask away

Technical Support

Some might say ‘nerds’; we prefer to say ‘tech fans’. That’s why the trickier the tech question, the more we love it.

And with our extensive portfolio covering every aspect of photovoltaic systems, we deliver a whole solution – not just an answer. Enquiries are processed smoothly in our ticket or call system.



Customer Webinars & Seminars

Speech is silver
visibility is gold

Marketing Support

Turning expertise into a visible profile is a special strength. 

But it’s best not to leave it to chance. In advertising and marketing campaigns, we support our customers with effective material that makes an impact. Like trade show packages, printed material such as flyers and advertisements and brochures for end-customers. 

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