Krannich Solar GmbH offers TSC POWERXT® Solar Panels in nothern Europe

Patented TSC POWERXT® delivers beauty, performance and power


FREMONT, CA /, WEIL der STADT, GERMANY, Dec. 16, 2020 – TSC, a global provider of solar module technologies, today announced that its patented PowerXT® solar modules are now available through Krannich Solar GmbH. Since 2018, Krannich Solar USA has distributed the PowerXT® product line in the United States. TSC is now partnering with us to offer the PowerXT® product line in Northern Europe.

“We continually strengthen and broaden our product portfolio to innovate and respond to the changing needs of our customers,” said Jan Brunner, our Head of Sales. “We are delighted to be distributing TSC solar panels to Northern Europe. TSC is the first Shingle Design high power panel we are distributing on the market, and an ideal choice for installers looking for an outstanding all black premium solar panel with excellent performance.”

“We’re honored to work with Krannich Solar– an international distributor of sustainable energy systems – and add them to our global family of solar distributors,” said Jürgen Fuhrmann, TSC’s North Europe Business Development Manager. “Krannich’s focus on excellence, service and technical support aligns with TSC’s values, to enable their installers to focus on solar sales and installation, driving towards clean, renewable power.”

“TSC is the European division of Solaria Corporation, a U.S. Silicon Valley company, with 20 years of solar innovations,” added Fuhrmann. “Optimized for residential and commercial deployment, our advanced, high density PV panels have been extremely well-received – as they deliver beauty, efficiency and power.”

Engineered to maximize energy production, TSC PowerXT® solar panels have set a new standard in PV panel performance by significantly boosting power generation and eliminating common failure points that can reduce traditional PV panels’ long-term performance.

PowerXT® maximizes power and energy yield on customer roofs – empowering customers and dealers to install attractive, costeffective solar arrays. Certified to highest quality standards for reliable power, TSC PowerXT® offers a comprehensive 25-year warranty on power, parts, and labor.


About TSC

TSC is a global PV technology and systems company, with a strong track record and 20-year history in solar power innovation and product development. TSC is paving the way for distributed, clean power generation by building advanced solar panels and fully integrated systems. Using advanced patented technology, proven field performance, and sophisticated automation, TSC delivers solutions that address a unique set of requirements for residential and commercial solar markets.

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