Trends in PV cells and modules

Module sizes and wafer sizes in transition

The trend continues: You can see that bigger and better is still possible.

Wafer sizes of 182 mm (M10) and 210 mm (M12) have now arrived on the market. With the new cell sizes, new performance classes are emerging. Modules with these wafer sizes are expected to become established in the long term and will account for the majority from 2022/2023. What counts for us and our customers, especially in the roof segment, is efficiency. The efficiency of the modules is constantly being optimized by larger wafers and efficiency is being increased.

Of course we go along with it. We rely on strong brands and quality. Discover our new modules in the Krannich portfolio:


SolararEdge revolutionized the photovoltaic industry by inventing a better way to collect and manage energy in PV systems. Today, they are a global leader in smart energy technology.

SolarEdge power optimizers can be used to get the maximum power out of any PV system. With these modules, the optimizers are already installed, making system configuration a breeze. All that remains is to select the appropriate inverter. The Smart modules are based on half-cell technology for increased performance and durability. They are available with either a black frame or an all-black front for an even more elegant look.

The modules with integrated power optimizer deliver up to 375 W of power with a 15-year module warranty.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Performance guarantee: 25 years
  • Faster installation for rooftop installations - no separate mounting of power optimizers required
  • Faster mapping of the physical plant layout - simply scan the serial number on the front of the module
  • Streamlined logistics with fewer parts, easier service support and a single product warranty
  • Module level monitoring
  • Rapid shutdown at module level for optimal safety

SolarEdge Modules at Krannich

SPV375-R60JWMG + SolarEdge
1.038 x 1.755 x 40 mm, 20,2 kg

SPV370-R60DBMG + SolarEdge
1.038 x 1.755 x 40 mm, 22 kg

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SoliTek is a European manufacturer and supplier of PV cells and modules with headquarters and production facility in Vilnius, Lithuania. SoliTek researches, develops, manufactures, sells and installs high quality glass-glass, as well as standard solar modules, for the residential and commercial sectors.

With its new flagship solar module BLACKSTAR, SoliTek satisfies even the most demanding customer. BLACKSTAR is a part of the SOLID all-glass panel series. The core of this innovative product consists of 3 main elements:

  • Bifacial monocrystalline solar cells
  • High quality tempered glass
  • Flawless industrial design

BLACKSTAR modules are designed to withstand even the harshest cold, hot, windy and salty environments, they are 100% fire resistant (Class A) and fully recyclable. A 30-year manufacturer's warranty is also impressive.

SoliTek Modules at Krannich

1061 x 1782 x 35, 24 kg

1038 x 1755 x 30, 20 kg

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Talesun is a global premium manufacturer of solar modules and solar cells for residential and industrial applications. Talesun is the first Chinese solar module manufacturer to receive the VDE quality mark (VDE Quality Tested) for safety and quality. The certificate particularly rewards the high reliability, optimized functional safety and low degradation of the modules as well as the continuous monitoring during production. Strict quality control and high reliability far exceed industry certification standards.

Product line BIPRO Bifacial / BISTAR Monofacial

At a glance:

  • 9BB HC cell technology
  • New circuit design, lower internal current, lower Rs loss
  • Significantly lower risk of hot spot due to special circuit design
  • Excellent anti-PID performance
  • Wider application range - no water permeability and high wear resistance
  • Can be used in very humid, windy and dusty areas
  • IP68 junction box - High waterproof performance

BIPRO Bifacial

  • 12MBB HC "210 "Mono PERC Glass-Glass
  • 12 years product warranty
  • 30 years performance warranty
  • Wide range of applications, including agricultural applications

BISTAR Monofacial

  • 12MBB HC "210" Mono PERC
  • 12 years product warranty
  • 25 years performance guarantee

Talesun Modules at Krannich

1038 x 2094 x 35, 25,5 kg

BIPRO TD6I72M 450W bifazial
1038 x 2094 x 30, 28 kg

1134 x 2279 x 35, 29 kg

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Meyer Burger

With 40 years of experience in photovoltaics, Meyer Burger has set significant standards over the past decades. Meyer Burger has further developed the existing heterojunction (HJT) cell technology and made it more efficient. By combining different silicon layers, a unique cell structure has been created. The HJT cells thus absorb significantly more solar energy than conventional cells and the converted electric current flows through the module with less resistance.

The heterojunction cells are combined with the patented SmartWire technology. The high-efficiency PV modules feature excellent low-light performance and high resistance. In addition to an extraordinarily high efficiency, they also have a significantly longer life expectancy. The modules are produced exclusively in Germany.

Meyer Burger high-performance modules:

Meyer Burger White, rated power 380 - 400 Wp
Meyer Burger Black, rated power 375 - 395 Wp
Meyer Burger Glass, rated power 370 - 390 Wp


At a glance:

  • Maximum performance: Up to 20 percent more energy yield - even in low light conditions, in the morning or evening, or when it is cloudy
  • Maximum quality: Production of solar cells and modules to the highest standards exclusively in Germany
  • Maximum endurance: Guaranteed yields over decades
  • Maximum stability: Patented SmartWire technology makes modules maximally resistant and powerful
  • Maximum elegance: Discreet and superior design - developed in Switzerland

Meyer Burger Modules at Krannich

Meyer Burger R Glass 370/375
1.722 x 1.041 x 35 mm, 24,4 kg

Meyer Burger R White 380/385
1.767 x 1.041 x 35 mm, 19,7 kg

Meyer Burger R Black 375/380
1.767 x 1.041 x 35 mm, 19,7 kg

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Axitec Energie

Axitec launches a new product line, the Axitec XXL modules, half-cell modules with 182 mm cells. Its compact design makes it the ideal module for installations on homes and commercial buildings. Since the glass area is less than 2 m², the 108-cell solar module may be installed on buildings in Germany without any problems according to the current building regulations. The 108-cell XXL module will be the standard module for 2021 and 2022.

New product line AXITEC XXL Module

At a glance:

  • 15-year manufacturer's warranty
  • German Brand
  • Highest module performance through half-cut technology and selected, tested materials
  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance of 0-5 Wp
  • 100% EL testing
  • Special, innovative frame construction for high stability
  • High quality junction box and connector systems

AXIpremium XXL HC, 390 - 410 Wp

  • 108-cell, monocrystalline
  • 390 - 410 Wp
  • 182 mm wafer
  • Product for residential and commercial applications
  • 20-21% efficiency: high efficiency 182 mm cell
  • Easy to assemble: very good length to width, weight and power ratio
  • High stability due to innovative shaft frame design

AXIpremium XXL HC, 525 - 545Wp

  • 144-cell, monocrystalline
  • 525 - 545 Wp
  • 182 mm wafer
  • Product for Commercial and Utility Scale
  • 1500 V System: More modules per string
  • You need less inverter
  • 20-21% efficiency: High efficiency 182 mm cells
  • Economic Ratio: Very good ratio of performance, quality and investment

All Axitec XXL Modules at Krannich

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