Pixii celebrates brand premiere in our web store

six preconfigured storage systems available

The Norwegian storage manufacturer Pixii celebrates its brand premiere in the Krannich Shop. We offer six basic configurations of the PowerShaper 2:

The cabinets are modular in design. For example, the PowerShaper 2 with LFP battery and 50 kW power contains 15 battery inverters - the Pixiiboxes - and 10 battery modules. One Pixiibox has an output of just 3.3 kW. Three connected modules become 3-phase Powerracks with an output of 10 kW. 

Advantages and features of the PowerShaper 2

The small-scale inverter architecture has the following advantages:

  • Fail-safe: only malfunctioning modules are affected, the rest of the system continues to run thanks to parallel connection. The modules are hot-pluggable, which means that they can be easily replaced during operation.
  • The system is almost infinitely scalable. 

There are also other interesting features:

  • Integrated heating, the PowerShaper 2 can thus be operated at temperatures down to -20 degrees.
  • Available with air conditioning for particularly hot areas.
  • Suitable for outdoor use thanks to IP55 protection standard.
  • Compatible with any inverter through AC coupling.
  • Easy installation and free software support during commissioning.
  • Integrated Energy Management System (EMS). Communication with external EMS possible, either via MQTT or Modbus TCP/RTU.

Flexible user cases 

The PowerShaper 2 can be used flexibly for various purposes:

  • Peak shaving i.e. peak load capping, 
  • self-consumption maximization, 
  • Grid services as well as grid expansion avoidance for charging stations, for example,
  • backup power. 

All applications are controlled by software and can be flexibly varied with the help of the integrated scheduler.