New module concept from Trina Solar

The new double glass Vertex S+ module as light as a glass-foil module

Trina Solar, the world's leading PV product provider, has updated its Vertex product portfolio and expanded it with new products. With the Vertex S product series, Trina meets the demand for more compatibility with inverters while keeping the weight low and the stability high.

The Vertex high-performance module for large-scale systems as well as the Vertex S solar modules with smaller dimensions for commercial and private roof systems have been upgraded, the Vertex S+ double-glazed N-type modules have been added as mono and bifacial variants. The double glazing gives the module a higher mechanical stability, which allows Trina to grant a longer product warranty of 25 years and a power warranty of 30 years. The good temperature behavior enables a 3% higher energy generation. The low weight of 21.5 kg, which is comparable to a glass backsheet module, is remarkable as it eliminates the previous weight disadvantage compared to foil modules. This is possible due to the use of thinner glass of 1.6 mm thickness each, resulting in a total thickness of only 3.2 mm, which corresponds to the glass-foil module.

Key features of the Vertex S+ modules:

N-type double glass module: 1.6 mm glass thickness each
Capacity: up to 425 watts
Product warranty: 25 years
Power warranty: 30 years
Max. module efficiency: 21.9%
Degradation: 1% in the first year, 0.4% annually

Open circuit voltage: 42,7 V
Short circuit current: 12,27 A

Dimensions: 1770x1096x30mm
Weight: 21,5 kg

Available in two versions: mono- and bifacial

The Vertex S is a product we already know from the Trina portfolio, but it has been improved in two ways. Firstly, the dimensions of the module have been optimized to an area of 2 square meters, which means that the modules can also be installed on German roofs without a permission from the building authorities. Secondly, the short-circuit current has been reduced to 10.81 A for the existing 1/3 cell due to the changed cell dimensions. This enables a high level of compatibility with older inverters.

Key features of the Vertex S modules:

P-type glass-foil module (also as full-black module)
Capacity: up to 430 Watt (up to 425 Watt)
Product warranty: 15 years
Power warranty: up to 25 years
Max. module efficiency: 21,5 %
Degradation: 2% in the first year, 0,55 % annually

Open circuit voltage: 50,3 V (49,9 V)
Short circuit current: 10,81 A (10,74 A)

Dimensions: 1762x1134x30mm
Weight: 21,8 kg

These were the products for the residential and C&I sector. However, if you look at the segment of large-scale systems, especially ground-mounted installations, the trend here is clearly towards higher currents at lower voltages. This means that longer strings and thus more power per string can be built, which can be advantageous for the overall system costs. Inverter manufacturers are also following this trend. There are already inverters on the market that can handle up to 20 A per string, and this development will continue in the C&I sector.

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