Energy storage devices from VARTA

Brief presentation of the products and their functions with video

Krannich Solar has been the official distribution partner for VARTA energy storage systems since the beginning of the year. This has expanded the energy storage portfolio for you with several alternatives. In the following video we briefly introduce the storage solutions and in the article we go into more detail about the individual functions of the devices.

The VARTA energy storage solutions for the residential and commercial sector range from compact entry-level models to large storage systems. They all have an integrated battery inverter and are suitable for both new installations and retrofits.

The Krannich portfolio includes the following products: 

VARTA Pulse neo (6,5 kWh)
VARTA Element Backup (6,5 / 13,0 / 19,5 kWh)

In the following, we would like to point out two important functions that facilitate the combination of system components (inverter and storage) from different manufacturers. Basically, the AC coupling allows Varta to be compatible with all inverter manufacturers.

Visualization options

To determine the real degree of self-sufficiency or self-consumption, PV production data from various PV inverters are read out via Modbus TCP (Sunspec) and visualized in the VARTA portal or the VARTA app. It is also possible to display a wide variety of generation units via an additional VARTA sensor, if desired. Inverter manufacturers that enable visualization without the need for additional hardware include SMA, Fronius, Kaco, Kostal and Solar Edge. These brands are of course also available in our web shop.

Dynamic performance limitation (e.g. 70%)

In order not to exceed the feed-in limits at the connection point, some inverters can also be dynamically throttled in their capacity generation by a set value using Modbus TCP (Sunspec). With manufacturers such as SMA, Fronius, Kaco or Kostal, the VARTA systems do not require any additional accessories here either. If you decide in favor of one of these inverters, this 70% rule may be applied as an alternative to the use of a radio ripple control receiver (FRE/RSE) in Germany for PV systems up to 25 kWp.

AC complete system

Another advantage of VARTA energy storage is that it is an AC-capable system. This means that the storage in existing systems can be retrofitted at any time and flexibly scaled in size, regardless of the inverter. In contrast to DC storage, no hybrid inverter is required. 

In summary, the VATA energy storage units convince with their high quality, functionality and flexibility. In addition, the Varta pulse device is the most efficient AC-coupled energy storage device for photovoltaic systems with an installed capacity of five kilowatt peak. The SPI (System Performance Index) is 90.5 percent, which puts the storage unit in first place among all 20 AC-coupled systems tested. The storage system delivers top values both in terms of battery efficiency of 98 percent and with a standby consumption of only two watts. This is the result of the 2021 electricity storage inspection by the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW) in Berlin. 

You can find VARTA products here in our web shop.