E-Mobility product portfolio

An overview of our wallbox product range

Electromobility is also becoming increasingly important for us. The shift in the automotive industry has become obvious for a long time now and the public's awareness is certainly also changing more and more in the direction of sustainable mobility.

Government subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles and charging stations also create attractive monetary incentives for investment for both private individuals and companies. Such state fundings, if available, naturally also provide additional incentives and create a need for clever charging solutions, which ideally can also be operated using your own solar system. For the implementation of such projects, we are of course gladly at your disposal.

Considering that the self-consumption of self-generated electricity is becoming more and more reasonable and profitable and that the number of devices such as electric vehicles is tending to increase, this topic will continue to develop strongly in the coming years. As will our product range. If the initial costs of converting to renewable energy and electromobility appear to be very high, you must compare this with the growing costs of fossil fuels and the power prices of the network operators.

In the following chart we would like to give you an overview of the PV charging solutions currently available for residential and commercial use you find in our portfolio.


With the Axibox 11K you have a safe and flexible high-performance charging station for indoor or outdoor installation. Thanks to the integrated safety system for monitoring the upper/lower limits of voltage, frequency and temperature together with the 7 m long permanently mounted charging cable, even larger e-cars can be charged easily and safely.

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BRC Solar

The BRC Opticharge 11 Display is one of the few wallboxes with an LCD display that provides information on charging time and charge status. The user has three modes in which the charging station can be put into operation: Plug&Charge without authentification, with an RFID card and/or via the app. The front made of tempered glass, the 7.5 m long cable and the corresponding empty connection socket on the side for fixing the charging plug make the offer complete.

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With the Easee charging robot, developed and manufactured in Norway, you get a reliable and safe charging solution that has up to 10 times the charging speed of a conventional socket. The Easee Home was awarded a grade of 1.9 in Stiftung Warentest Wallbox Test 2022. It impressed the jury with its user-friendly handling, safe charging and the associated app with its intuitive usability and convenience functions. In addition, the wallbox automatically starts charging again after a power failure, which can be an important factor for work commuters.

PV systems coupled (own power consumption):

Intelligent energy management can be implemented with Easee Equalizer or Solar Manager + compatible Smart Meter.

  • HOME BLACK TYP 2, 22kW

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EV Box

The EV Box Elvi is a powerful, low-maintenance and future-proof charging station for private use at home. Using OCPP, the EV Box can connect to any backend to provide real-time insights into charging sessions. For the private user, free charging management software is available for remote control and monitoring as well as the creation of individual charging profiles.

PV systems coupled (own power consumption):

Intelligent energy management implementable with EVIBox Smart Charging Kit components.

  • ELVI V2 (3P-16A) (11KW)
  • ELVI V2 (3P-32A) (22KW)

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The Fronius Wattpilots are available in two versions: firstly, as a stationary solution for your home and secondly as a flexible solution for both home and on the move. Both can be mounted indoors or outdoors. Two charging modes are available depending on your needs. The Eco Mode for charging with solar energy that is not currently required and the Next Trip Mode that allows the car to be charged for a defined distance until the desired time of day.

PV systems coupled (own power consumption):

Intelligent energy management can be implemented with Fronius components.


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Hardy Barth

Owners of electric cars can choose from a very wide range of powerful charging stations, depending on the area of application. Simple integration into an existing PV system or a new system as well as intelligent load management are the distinguishing features of these charging solutions.

PV systems coupled (own power consumption):

Intelligent energy management implementable with Smartmeter eCB1 measuring point + / direct compatibility with Fronius, SMA & KOSTAL.

  • CPµ2 PRO 11KW TYPE 2
  • CPH2 1T11 TYPE 2
  • CPH2 1T22 TYPE 2
  • CPH2 2T22 2x TYPE 2
  • CPP1 2T22 2x TYPE 2
  • CPP1 2T44 2x TYPE 2
  • CPP1 4T44 2x TYPE 2

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KOSTAL offers a compact and elegant charging solution with the ENECTOR. It can be mounted indoors and outdoors and is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles and hybrid models. The e-car is charged from all available energy sources, with or without a solar system. Depending on the charging options of the respective vehicle type, the ENECTOR can start the charging process with 1.4 kW in single-phase mode and increase this to 3.7 kW in the course of the charging process, or start with three-phase charging at 4.1 kW and raise it to 11 kW. For optimal charging control, KOSTAL offers the PLENTICORE plus inverter and the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter on the equipment infrastructure side. The charging settings can then be made via the KOSTAL Solar App or the web server in the KOSTAL Energy Meter.

If you register the ENECTOR Wallbox, you can extend the warranty period to five years free of charge.

PV systems coupled (own power consumption):

Intelligent energy management can be implemented with KOSTAL KSEM and an activation code (fee required).


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MENNEKES offers charging solutions for private and semi-public areas that can be expanded with flexible modules at any time.

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Whether new or existing installations, the SMA EV Charger can be used flexibly and is compatible with all common electric vehicles thanks to its permanently connected type 2 charging cable. As part of the SMA Energy System Home, users benefit from networked solutions from one source.

Since Intersolar in May 2022, SMA has also been offering a charging solution for the commercial sector. The SMA EV Charger Business can be used flexibly as a stand-alone device or in charging parks with many charging points and can be integrated into various backend and billing systems thanks to the RFID and OCPP port.

PV systems coupled (own power consumption):

Intelligent energy management can be implemented with SMA components.

  • SMA EV CHARGER 7,4, one-phase AC charging station
  • SMA EV CHARGER 22, three-phase AC charging station

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SolarEdge offers two charging solutions. One is for PV system owners an e-charge controller integrated in the inverter that combines solar and grid power. With this solution, a stand-alone wallbox is no longer necessary. The other is a power-independent charging solution that is suitable for single-phase and three-phase installations, as well as for indoor and outdoor use.

PV systems coupled (own power consumption):

Intelligent energy management can be implemented with SolarEdge components.


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The SolaX Smart EV Charger can be used for new and existing solar installations, although it offers many more functions and comfort in conjunction with SolaX inverters. With the SolaX AC Charger, the surplus energy can be used to charge the electric vehicle. The dynamic load balancing control, the built-in type A residual current protection and the 6mA DC protection as well as the charging time setting ensure a safe and best possible charging process.

PV systems coupled (own power consumption):

Intelligent energy management can be implemented with SolaX Smart Meter.


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If you are interested in commercial or private charging solutions, we look forward to your enquiries.