Solar Modules

Solar modules – the heart of a photovoltaic system

Extensive choice, an array of performance categories, always top quality at fair prices. Our portfolio is the sum of our expertise. The ideal products from well-known manufacturers for every need: high-efficiency, high-performance modules, monocrystalline or polycrystalline, in all dimensions.


ChemiTek is a Portuguese company dedicated to the development, production, and trading of effi­cient, easy to apply, innovative and environmentally friendly chemical products for industrial maintenance.

The company presents a range of solutions within three main categories: Solar, Industrial and Health and Hygiene.

Cement Removal Agent

Removal agent for cement dust, rust, hard water stains and other alkali contaminants cured on the surface of the solar glass.

Antistatic Solar Armor

Antistatic protection to apply on photovoltaic panels.

Solar Wash Protect Concentrated

Removal agent for organic soiling (e.g. bird droppings, dust, bee’s wax, etc.) and antistatic protection for PV solar panels

Industrial Glass Protect

Long-lasting hydrophobic coating for solar panels

Water Softening Agent

Treatment for hard water to properly clean solar panels

Lichen Removal Agent

Removal agent for lichen, moss and fungi

Mirtek Anti Stating Coating

Antistatic protection for concentrated solar power plants

Solar Wash Protect (Ready-To-Use)

Cleaning and antistatic protection for residential PV installations


For years AXITEC has been one of the most established global brands of solar modules and energy storages. The engineering at the headquarters in Germany supports the global production capacities of 1 GWp. The core competence comprises the complete process chain for solar modules and energy storages from development and manufacturing through quality assurance to sales and service.

AXIpremium XL HC 120V


AXIpremium XL HC 144V

 430-455 Wp

AXIpremium XXL HC 144V

 525-545 Wp

AXIblackpremium XL HC 120V


JA Solar

JA Solar was founded in 2005 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-performance photovoltaic products. JA Solar has a vertically integrated manufacturing of wafers, cells and modules with a cumulative total supply of 73 GW. The Chinese company leverages its strengths in PV research and development to continuously optimize its unique cell manufacturing and module building technologies.

465W MBB Half-Cell Module

Mono, JAM72S20 440-465/MR

445W MBB Half-Cell PERC Module

JAM78S210 435-455/MR Series

Longi Solar

Since its foundation in 2000, the Chinese company has developed into the most important manufacturer of monocrystalline solar modules and has been the global market leader since 2020. With an integrated, vertical value chain from silicon ingot to wafers and cells to modules and a focus on research & development that is unique in the PV manufacturing industry, it is able to guarantee particularly competitive cost structures and the highest quality standards. LONGi is the leading solar module and silicon wafer producer and also supplies well-known market participants.

LR4-72HPH 435~450Wp
LR5-72HPH 540Wp

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