PV News - Time to show courage

The procurement and availability of goods and resources is still tense, with no foreseeable prospect of improvement. Krannich gives some recommendations.


The PV industry is currently facing many challenges. But this whole new situation leads to a totally new view on pv in general. As an effect, renewables and specially pv sound like the escape plan for the world energy crisis.

We have summarized the most important topics below.

Which challenges for the PV industry?

+ Increased freight charges from China
+ Delays in goods and raw material shipments
+ Difficult supply of components for PV
+ Princing impacted by the sanctions against Russia

Which solutions for our customers to face the increasing demand & the struggles on the supply side?

+ Build small stocks amounts
+ Order components & resell them if not needed
+ Stay flexible on your choice of products
+ Try to install step by step

What did Krannich to improve the situation?

+ increased the amount of brands in portfolio >>> more solutions for you!
+ ordered huge quantities of many products to fulfill the market needs

So we encourage you to plan as much in advance as possible.

You want to have more information? Please watch the PV NEWS with Jan Brunner!