Krannich Solar expands warehouse space

Five new warehouses in Europe and America +++ 20,000 square metres of additional space +++ 125,000 square metres of space worldwide

Krannich Solar opened five new warehouses in 2022. The largest warehouse was opened in October near the headquarters in Esslingen: 15,000 additional square metres, which doubles the warehouse space in Germany. In addition, further space has been rented in France and the Czech Republic.

Additional logistics space is also available in America. In Oceanside, California, the fifth US warehouse was put into operation, with an area of 1,500 square metres. In total, the four US branches can now use more than 11,000 square metres of warehouse space. A second warehouse was opened in Mexico; with 500 square metres of space, it is one of the smaller Krannich warehouses. This means that Krannich Solar has 125,000 square metres of space available worldwide.

“For us as a PV wholesaler, modern warehouse space with good transport connections is essential to be able to supply our customers quickly and smoothly," says CEO and founder Kurt Krannich. "The demand for photovoltaic products is very high almost everywhere in the world. We can only meet this demand if we continue to steadily expand our warehouse space." That's why more space is already being planned. In 2023, more warehouses are to be added in Europe, Australia and Vietnam.