Krannich Solar keeps on growing

Photovoltaic wholesaler establishes subsidiaries in China, Romania, Hungary, Australia, and the USA

Photovoltaic wholesaler establishes subsidiaries in China, Romania, Hungary, Australia, and the USA

Krannich Solar remains on course for growth in 2021. The internationally active photovoltaic wholesaler is very satisfied with how 2021 has gone so far. "The business operations are developing well in all our branches. Market growth is again being recorded in almost all countries, and the core markets of Europe are growing at a rapid pace," Kurt Krannich sums up. The company founder is convinced that the PV market will continue to pick up speed worldwide, as climate protection cannot be implemented without renewable energies.

Krannich Solar is continuing its global expansion and has already opened two new locations in Romania and Hungary this year. Both Australia and USA have also grown and expanded with new branches in their respective countries. Another branch office is currently being established in Shanghai and will start operations in 2022. These new branches will cater to the growing customer base and the dynamic growth of the photovoltaic market in these countries, and to provide support locally.

Despite the sometimes-difficult supply chain situation, Krannich Solar feels well equipped for the future. "We will close this year with growth of about 50%," says Jens Ullrich, Chief Revenue Officer "and expect strong growth in 2022 as well. The demand for PV is rising worldwide, including those in the wholesale industry. Supple chain issues are becoming increasingly complex due to the demand in storage, smart homes, e-mobility, sector coupling, etc. These demands make technical know-how’s, logistics and handling become more complex."

Depending on how the legal framework conditions are, there are different focuses in each country. In new markets, such as Mexico and South Africa, their focus is on the profitability of a PV system. In developed markets, like Germany, their focus shifts towards complete solutions. Krannich Solar's PV experts offer optimized system solutions for each market.

Another driver of international growth at Krannich is the consistent expansion of online shopping. Currently, customers can shop online in 12 branches, with no plans of stopping. Poland and the Czech Republic are currently in the works of getting an online shop. Customers in Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands will also be getting language friendly shops as well.