Krannich Solar enters into partnership with Growatt

The alliance will facilitate the customers with smooth delivery of advanced products

Growatt New Energy, one of the global leader of smart energy solution has announced partnership with Krannich Solar, the global solar distributor to distribut the company’s extensive portfolio in global market.

With strong and efficient supply chain of Krannich, Growatt will rapidly penetrate and capitalize on untapped market. With the goal to entail significant renewable energy expansions, this alliance will facilitate the customers with smooth delivery of advanced products. It will bring a change that is expected to greatly benefit residential consumers and commercial installations.

"This partnership is a significat milestone for our global distribution network, and we are aiming to effectively serve the market with our advanced solutions. Krannich Solar is known for it's comprehensive and competitive approach in PV distribution. With this partnership, we look forward to achieving a higher reach and visibility of our products in the country" said Lisa Zhang, Marketing Director of Growatt

Sandeep Banodiya, Sales Director at Krannich Solar said “We are contented to enter into the alliance with Growatt. The addition of Growatt to our portfolio of world-class products adds significant impetus to our vision of ‘100% Renewable energies’. He further added “With our years of distribution expertise and having one of the world’s leading PV brand in the portfolio, Krannich is well-positioned to supply cleaner and reliable energy to every corner of the country”.

The agreement betweek Growatt and Krannich is dedicated to the distribution of residential and commercial PV soltuions. Growatt will provide local guarantee, support and technical assistance. Krannich is positioned to become Growatt's hub in global PV market with local inventory and promt delivery of products across country.