Krannich Projekt

Support: Your choice

Krannich Projekt, a business area with an international focus, helps customers realize large-scale projects. We can support you through all phases of your project, from development, technical planning and realization right through to system operations, or you can opt for support only in certain areas of the project. In this case, the customer makes only use of the support components they really need, providing other services themselves. Thanks to Krannich Solar’s network, which has grown over many years, Krannich Projekt also provides valuable support abroad.


For further information and a comprehensive consulting please contact:


Krannich Solar Projekt GmbH
+49 7033 3042-180

Services provided by Krannich Projekt

  • Development
  • Technical planning
  • Approval
  • Drawing up of contracts
  • Funding
  • Realization
  • Project conclusion
  • After Sales Service
  • Investors
  • Property owners


Want to invest in photovoltaics? Jointly with our customers and drawing on the experience gained from many large-scale projects we can also help you realize your project – as a general contractor in this country or abroad. Benefit to you: just one single regional point of contact for planning, construction and operation. On request, we can also make the necessary arrangements for funding or develop a workable, tailor-made community concept e.g. for a public solar project. Opportunities also exist for taking over projects that we have already realized.


Whatever you opt for, our quality management system always ensures that a high-quality system is developed, realized and put into operation, from the selection of components through to the monitoring of system values.

Property owners

Is your roof or land suitable for a photovoltaic system? We would be happy to check for you and, if it is, provide you with a quote tailored to your individual requirements. We will then realize a photovoltaic system on your roof or open land, working with local companies wherever possible. And if the roof needs to be upgraded to ensure that the system operates properly for the next 20 years, we can also provide attractive options for this.