Reference systems operated by private customers

The Deuble family consumes most of its solar electricity

The Deuble family in Wildberg in the northern Black Forest region has been saving on electricity costs since the summer of 2012. That's because the family of six consumes more than half of the electricity generated by the 3.3 kWp photovoltaic system on the roof of their single-family home. And the bottom line? The family electricity bill is reduced by half.

How is it done? Very easy!

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Solar system with battery for private and commercial

Greater energy independence for commercial and private users – to demonstrate how it's done, Harald Schmieg, Managing Director of EKS Solartechnik GmbH in Gerichtstetten, Germany, uses his own system as an example.

From the stables and barns on his farm to the business and residential buildings, all the roofs on Harald Schmieg's property are covered with photovoltaic modules.


Generating, storing and consuming at the same time. And collecting payment.

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