Optimise self-consumption without a battery

You don't necessarily need a battery or a storage system in order to optimise self-consumption in your household.


If you run the most power-hungry appliances during the day when the photovoltaic system is generating electricity, you will save on your consumption from the grid.


Those who work outside the home during the day can operate washing machines, driers, dishwashers and other appliances remotely, for example, using timer switches or wireless switch point.


Alternatively, you can install an intelligent device manager such as the Sunny Home Manager or the Solar-Log. This type of device automatically optimises electricity consumption in the home. If there is sufficient sunshine, it starts the washing machine. In this way, you can boost your self-consumption rate by up to 15%.

Sunny Home ManagerDevice management, SMA

With the Sunny Home Manager, SMA offers the ideal solution for convenient facility monitoring and intelligent device management for household environments. Bluetooth® wireless switch units make it possible to control all conventional household appliances.


The Solar-Log 300 can be used with system sizes of 15 kWp. Small systems with two or three inverters from the same manufacturer can be monitored without difficulty. The data logger incorporates an electricity meter to monitor, optimise and control self-consumption.