Krannich Storage Solutions

Save money with a solar PV system. The price for solar power remains stable over years.
Store your PV power and use it when it best fits you.
SMA Sunny Island with Hoppecke batteries

The storage solutions for your private energy transformation

Insulate yourself from rising electricity prices. Krannich Solar offers storage solutions that let you optimise your self-consumption, store solar electricity and draw it from the battery when you need it.


Producing, storing and consuming electricty or feeding it into the grid - Krannich Solar covers with its products all bases to optimise self-consumption of the electricity you have generated, assuring you a high degree of energy independence.


Solar power around the clock

Depending on the system, autonomy of up to 80% can be achieved. The integrated system management guarantees that the self-generated solar pv power remains within your own four walls.

  • The solar electricity from your roof can be consumed directly in your home.
  • Energy-intensive consumers such as washing machines, driers and dishwashers can operated during the day - e.g. with the aid of timers switches or wireless switch points - when electricity production is at its highest.
  • Solar electricity that is not consumed immediately is stored. If necessary, it can be drawn from the battery at night, for example.
  • In some countries, surplus solar electricity is fed directly into the grid and paid for under the terms of the Renewable Energy Acts. Ask your Krannich contact for more information.
  • If necessary, you can purchase power from the grid


For each requirement the right solution

With our wide product range we offer for each requirement the right solution, whether modular or compact, complete system or upgrade, lead-acid or lithium-ion battery, with or without feed-in tariffs. Krannich Solar can handle systems with outputs from 3kWp to 17kWp. The packages are designed for optimum efficiency and compatibility, irrespective of manufacturer and type.



The ideal storage system is based on values such as roof size, PV power, power requirements and desired level of autonomy. Depending on the system performance and storage capacity, you can achieve a degree of independence from the power supplier between 40% and 80%. For additional information and comprehensive advice, your customer adviser is happy to help. Please use our contact form.