PV Self-consumption pays off

Consumers are looking for greater independence from electricity prices and energy providers. Since solar power has become cheaper than mains power, it pays off to maximize the self-consumption of the electricity generated by the own solar pv system. Krannich Solar has responded to this shift, by offering smart solutions, with and without storage systems. The more solar electricity one consumes oneself, the greater the overall benefit of the photovoltaic systems:


  • Lower electricity bill
  • Independence from increseas in the electricity costs
  • Higher returns from the solar pv system

Krannich storage solutions

The storage solutions for your private energy revolution.more

Optimise self-consumption without storage systems

Boost self-consumption with smart products.more

Reference systems operated by private customers

Your photovoltaic system could look like this.more

PV Heating

Heat water with photovoltaic and reduce your energy costsmore