Business Energy Solution

Use your solar power yourself - reduce your operating costs

There is not a "one size fits all" solar system for companies. They have to be individually planned and an accurate simulation of energy yields is needed to calculte their profitability and efficiency. With ist business energy solution, Krannich Solas has developed a concept for companies enabling them to lower their operating costs with an own solar plant.

Three good reasons for solar power

  • Lower operating costs
  • Cheaper electricity from the first day of commissioning throughout the entire service life of your solar system
  • Stable and thus predictable pricing for solar power for years to come
While mains power is getting more expensive, the cost of solar power remains constantly cheap (assumed: electricity price rise 3% per year)

Benefits of the Business Energy Solution

  • Return on your invested equity within 2-4 years
  • Your solar system will increase in value over the years due to rising electricity prices
  • Adapting your consumption patterns permits further savings

Solar power pays off

In principle, the factors that influence the rate of self-consumption by commercial consumers is the same as with private households:

  • Power consumption
  • Capacity of the pv system
  • Loading profile, showing how well production and consumption are in tune during the day
  • Location and orientation of the system, irradiation conditions


High volumes of power are used in a company during the day, unlike in private households: that is to say precisely when the solar system is also producing power. Virtually any industrial or commercial roof is suitable for the profitable operation of a plant, as solar energy systems can be flexibly adapted to meet any requirement.

  • supermarkets, car dealerships, petrol stations
  • Hotels, hospitals, office buildings
  • factories, production plants and warehouses
  • agricultural buildings


The following example of a car dealership in South Germany illustrates how this works in practice:

Solar power is cheaper than to purchase mains power. The yield after 20 years is three times higher than the initial investment. System size 250 kWp.

Mains electricity cost

17,9 ct

Solar electricity cost

11,1 ct

Initial investment

325.000 €

Yield in 20 years

1.084.350 €