Seven good reasons for having a solar power system

1. Cost-effectiveness/Return on investment

Thanks to state and federal incentives, operators of solar power systems are guaranteed remuneration from network operators for any power fed into the grid for a period of 20 years. And, when viewed in terms of the overall economy, power generated from renewable energies has a cost-cutting effect!


2. Environmental protection and health

Solar power is clean. It produces no harmful emissions and is also silent. 


3. Preserving resources

Our resources are becoming scarce. Oil, natural gas and uranium will run out. The energy from the sun is practically inexhaustible and is available to anyone, anywhere.


4. Sustainability
To make sure we look after our natural assets for the next generation, we should only use what can be replaced. Solar power is regenerative.


5. Freedom from power utilities

As the power supply is decentralized, the large power utilities lose their enormous influence, leading to a more democratic playing field.


6. Energy efficiency

Line losses of around 64% are common where electricity comes from a power plant. This means that of every 1,000 watts, just one third i.e. 360 watts actually reaches us.


7. Set an example

Live according to the motto: “Act in a way that can set an example for everyone.”