Mounting systems

PV Mounting Systems

Krannich Solar is your specialist provider of photovoltaic mounting systems. We offer high-quality mounting systems from leading manufactures at attractive terms. All PV mounting systems in our portfolio use high quality materials and are therefore exceptionally durable and reliable, for easy installation on all roofs and open land systems.


As a photovoltaic wholesaler with 20 years' experience, we find suitable solutions for every requirement. Every project is individually supported by us, from consultation to planning all the way to delivery.


For every location, our broad product portfolio offers the right mounting systems - be it standard or bespoken.



IRFTS specializes in the production of mounting systems for multi-energy modules: Photovoltaic, thermal, aerothermic and hybrid modules.more

K2 Systems

The German company develops and manufactures mounting systems for solar PV installations in best German engineering.more


Renusol has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing mounting systems for nearly all PV systems.more


Solar roof tiles are increasingly found on roofs. Consumers want sustainable and low-cost energy.more