At Krannich Solar, we put all our energy into giving you an edge in knowledge and the latest know-how: with practice-oriented webinars and seminars on current topics relating to photovoltaics, for a strong, convincing presentation to your customers.
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conditions of participation

Topic Location Date State
Review Intersolar – Preview on the Solar market in the second half of 2019 Webinar 29.05.19 available
SMA Residential Solutions (english) Webinar 03.06.19 available
SMA Commercial Solutions (english) Webinar 04.06.19 available
Kostal Residential Solutions - Portfolio (english) Webinar 06.06.19 available
ABB PV Solutions (english) Webinar 07.06.19 available
BYD Storage Solutions (english) Webinar 11.06.19 available
Delta PV Solutions (english) Webinar 12.06.19 available
Fronius PV Portfolio (english) Webinar 13.06.19 available
KACO PV-Solutions - Portfolio (english) Webinar 17.06.19 available
SolarEdge Commercial Solutions (english) Webinar 17.06.19 available
Axitec, Storage Solutions (english) Webinar 18.06.19 available
SolarEdge Storage Solutions/Smart Energy (english) Webinar 18.06.19 available
LG Chem Storage Solutions (english) Webinar 19.06.19 available
SolarEdge Residential Solutions (english) Webinar 19.06.19 available
Solax Power Residential Solutions (english) Webinar 25.06.19 available
Mennekes E-Mobility of the future (english) Webinar 26.06.19 available
K2 Systems Mounting (english) Webinar 26.06.19 available
REC Solar Modules, Portfolio (english) Webinar 27.06.19 available
K2 Systems Software (english) Webinar 28.06.19 available
Axitec Solar Modules, Portfolio (english) Webinar 28.06.19 available
Victron Portfolio at Krannich (english) Webinar 01.07.19 available
Viridian BIPV Solutions (english) Webinar 02.07.19 available
IRFTS - inroof system (english) Webinar 04.07.19 available
Luxor Solar Modules, Portfolio (english) Webinar 16.07.19 available