PV Heater from Advanced Energy

Generate hot water with photovoltaics and reduce your energy costs!

Krannich Solar starts distribution of the PV Heater from Advanced Energy

Advanced Energy Inc., a leading company in the photovoltaic inverter sector with more than 30 years experience in the power electronics, and Krannich Solar have started a cooperation for the distribution of the AE PV Heater. Krannich Solar, a leading distribution company of complete pv systems, will sell the PV Heater in many European markets.  

Efficient hot water generation

PV Heaters are designed for those who want to produce heat in an efficient way with a photovoltaic system . The power produced by solar modules is used to heat hot water directly through a heating rod in the domestic hot water tank. Up to 70 percent of the heating energy for hot water production can be saved in a 4-person household. The PV Heater has an efficiency of 99% and can be integrated into existing heating systems.

Reduce energy costs without feed-in tariffs and self-consumption

Due to the rapidly increasing energy costs for oil and gas, and the reduced costs of pv systems, the generation of heat by PV is today profitable. The costs are 5 to 10 ct / kWh under those of fossil fuels. Therefore, it is more economical to use its own generated heat instead of burning oil. In a 4-person household, pv heating can cover the generation of hot water up to more 70% per year. Using a 12-years old oil boiler with an output of 12 kW, it is possible to save ca. 340 l of oil per year, for the next 25 years.

Profitable and easy to install

The PV Heater is composed of a heating element and a control system. Thanks to the three integrated MPP trackers, it is possible to install 6 to 12 modules on the roof, a garage or a facade. In this way, virtually each surface can be used for the pv system, including surfaces which are partially shaded and which have not been considered profitable yet. The PV Heater can be integrated into existing heating systems, which have a free 1.5 inch connection.

Unlike other technologies for the production of solar hot water, neither installation shafts for pipes nor pump groups are needed. Cables donĀ“t need to be insulated. The required cables can be installed easily and also have less power loss.

You find more product information about the AE PV Heater here

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