Krannich Solar at Intersolar 2014 - a review!

Innovative solutions and new products - the highlights at the Krannich booth.

At Intersolar Europe 2014 in Munich, Krannich Solar presented forward-looking, innovative solutions and new products. Despite a fall in overall visitor numbers at this year's leading European solar exhibition, the Krannich stand was extremely busy. Indeed, the exhibition team was delighted with the numerous positive discussions with enthusiastic customers and interested parties from around the world, and would like to thank all visitors for their interest.


Krannich Solar impressed visitors to Intersolar with the following themes:

New Products:

The alternative for storing solar electricity – Krannich Trinity with cost-effective lithium-ion-batteries

A new Krannich Trinity addition: The Sunbank Self-use Energy Storage System from Solax Power is the perfect choice for boosting self-consumption and a cost-effective alternative on the market. Unused solar power is stored either in lead acid or lithium-ion batteries on the DC-side and is then available when consumption exceeds the power currently generated by the PV system.
The SK-TL series inverters with 2 MPP trackers are also perfectly suited to east-west roofs and can be retrofitted at a later date with up to 3 charge regulators of 1.3 kWp each.

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Cutting energy costs with the Advanced Energy PV Heater

The AE PV Heater 1.5 uses electricity generated by photovoltaic modules to power a heating element that heats service water in the domestic hot water tank. As a result, it can save up to 70 per cent of the energy required to heat water. In an average 4-person household, this reduces annual oil costs by approx. 300 euros. The appliance from the PV Heater can be integrated into existing heating systems.

Advanced Energy PV Heater

Install, connect and save electricity with the Ziggy plug-in solar module

With the plug-in solar module from Ziggy Home Energy, practically everyone can avail of cheap solar electricity. Simply set up the module at a suitable location such as a balcony, garage roof or garden, connect to the nearest mains socket and you're all set. In sunny conditions, it will supply a portion of the typical base load required for appliances such as fridges, WLAN routers, heating controllers or consumer electronic devices on standby. In this way, it can reduce the annual electricity bill for a household by approx. 80 euros.

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Up to 20 per cent higher yield with the Axiplus SE module
with integrated Solaredge Optimizer

Axitec developed the Axiplus SE module in cooperation with SolarEdge. The optimiser is integrated in the wall socket. As a result, the string output of the Axiplus modules can be increased by up to 20 per cent. Furthermore, each module can be switched off individually. This is an important safety criterion particularly in the event of a fire. The Axiplus modules are currently manufactured as polycrystalline modules with 250 Wp output. Additional output classes are in the pipeline.

Axiplus modules