Krannich Solar agrees cooperation with solar roof tile manufacturer ZEP B.V.

Market for solar roof tiles growing

Krannich Solar, one of the world's leading retailers for photovoltaics, has added solar roof tiles from the Dutch manufacturer ZEP B.V. to its portfolio. Clients who do not wish to abandon the conventional appearance of roofs now have an aesthetic alternative with these solar roof tiles.


The solar roof tiles from ZEP can be used on any roof area that is also suitable for "normal" roof tiles; the load per square metre is the same. The solar roof tiles are based on the traditional Nelskamp F10U pan tile. This makes the tiles ideal for any renovation or new construction project.


The mini modules comprise two tiles with an efficiency of 20.22 percent and an output of nine watts. Like standard modules, they are laminated on the rear and covered with glass on the front. There is no need for a frame. Instead, the tile has a recess for the junction box, allowing cables to be routed on the rear.


The solar roof tiles are mounted on a slatted substructure in the same way as conventional roof tiles. Up to 37 tiles are arranged in a row and connected with a Solaredge optimiser so as to minimise shading losses. The optimisers also undertake voltage management for the solar roof tiles.


Plus points at a glance: 


  • Normal ceramic roof tiles
  • Aesthetic integration: vertical and horizontal contours on the roof remain visible
  • No adverse shading effects
  • Easy to integrate around skylights/ dormers/ hip rafters/ valley gutters
  • The roof pitch can be in the range from 20-80 degrees
  • Permitted by many municipalities for buildings classified as "protected townscape"



About Krannich Solar


Krannich Solar has been a reliable partner to photovoltaic installers since 1995, offering everything the industry needs for a bright future: sound advice, effective logistics and one of the world's leading product and system ranges for solar power generation. With a growing share of the market, the owner-managed and self-financed company is a leading photovoltaic retailer. The corporate group is represented by 27 companies in 18 countries employing 350 staff.


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About ZEP B.V.


ZEP B.V. Was founded in 2013. The aim of the company's founder is to generate solar generate without changing the vertical and horizontal contours on the roof. The products are supplied to 11 countries. The solar roof tiles comprise high-quality German roof components and are assembled in Urk (Netherlands). ZEP roof tiles are ideal for new buildings and renovations alike.


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