Krannich Solar remained on a growth path in 2016

International orientation and an early focus on storage systems are a guarantee for success

Krannich Solar also remained on a growth path in 2016. The international photovoltaic wholesaler is largely satisfied: “Business operations are developing well in all countries, although new installations in most European countries shrank or stagnated in 2016,” confirms Kurt Krannich outlining development last year. The founder of the company is convinced that the PV market will pick up again in Europe as PV is still economical today without subsidies thanks to the storage systems. The fastest growing markets at present are the USA and Japan.


The PV experts at Krannich Solar addressed this issue with the advent of the first storage system. Every 2nd system in the German market is now sold with a storage system.  Well-known manufacturers, such as Mercedes, LG Chem, LG Electronics and Axitec Energy, offer a large range of storage systems to meet the different requirements. The wide range on offer therefore ensures the perfect solutions for every installation, from 2.0 kWh to 82 kWh.


Krannich Solar’s international focus is the company's guarantee for success. The two-man operation has become an international group of companies over 22 years. In addition to subsidiaries all across Europe, Krannich Solar also has representative offices in North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. The regional offices guarantee proximity to the market and offer a broad range of on-site services including customer seminars, project support, marketing support and after sales service.


Each country has different priorities depending on its legal framework. While in most emerging markets, such as Mexico, the profitability of PV systems lies in the foreground, in developed markets, such as Germany, the focus shifts towards residential and commercial storage systems. The PV experts from Krannich Solar offer an optimised range of systems for each market.


Another driving force for international growth is the consistent development of online trade. The launch of the two online shops in Switzerland and Spain means that Krannich Solar now offers customers the use of an online store in 10 countries.