optimised solution for commercial storage systems

AXIstorage Li – the all-rounder which even charges e-cars

As a leading provider of battery storage solutions, with AXIstorage Li we have introduced a true all-rounder to its range for both private households and commercial storage requirements alike. The AXIstorage Li is also ideal for charging e-cars since, unlike other storage systems, it boasts an exceptional charging and discharging capacity.



The high-performance Li-Ion storage system from the premium manufacturer Axitec Energy has a storage capacity of 6.8 kWh and can be flexibly expanded up to a maximum of 82 kWh. The AXIstorage Li can be flexibly scaled making it ideal for commercial applications.


With its high charging and discharging capacity of up to 8.3 kW per storage unit, which equates to a maximum of 96 kW with the largest expansion level, the AXIstorage is optimally suited for charging e-cars. Compared to other storage solutions, the solar energy flows into the e-car and less electricity is required from the energy provider.


The simple plug & play installation, high cycle stability, an above average discharging capacity and an extremely compact design make the AXIstorage a top performer for a diverse range of applications. Given the compact design, up to 12 systems (2x6) can be stacked on top of each other which means even large facilities can be created in a space-saving manner.


The lithium ion batteries used have a gross capacity of 6.8 kWh. With a depth of discharge of 80%, 5.44 kWh of this is usable. The optimised cooling system enables 6,600 cycles and an average life-expectancy of 20 years, thereby establishing these German-made batteries as the best of their class.


The patented safety system monitors voltage and temperature and protects the batteries against deep and over-charging. The storage system can be used with all SMA Sunny Island battery inverters.


A good storage system should represent a perfect balance of cost efficiency and efficacy criteria. In order to find the best possible solution whatever the application, the customer consultants from us are trained in all the storage systems on offer which means they can provide customers with expert advice.