Marketing Support

Speech is silver
visibility is gold

Turning expertise into a visible profile is a special strength. But it’s best not to leave it to chance. In advertising and marketing campaigns, we support our customers with effective material that makes an impact. Like trade show packages, printed material such as flyers and advertisements and brochures for end-customers. Just a load of hot air? Don’t you believe it! Targeted communication reaches the right customers, creating a streamlined presence that underpins expertise and enhances trust. So let’s work together!


A trade fair pack for your event showcases your company in a professional, cutting-edge manner. You can choose between different solar module brands and models, dummy inverters, mock-ups of elevation systems as well as specially designed displays and backdrops with eye-catching visuals that enhance your exhibit. We will take care of sending out and collecting the trade fair pack - all you have to do is call us.

We will refer any private enquiries we receive about photovoltaic systems falling within your sphere of operations to you - following individual consultation with the interested party - together with our endorsement of you as a trusted system partner.

We can provide you with attractively designed and contemporary templates for your advertising. Your logo and company information can be added to these. The design is consistent with all other documents and exhibition items for partners. It is also suitable for the printing of banners, flags, posters etc. and identifies you discreetly as a Krannich system partner.

This service is a speciality of Krannich Solar, which is greatly appreciated by our partners. We are always here to help with any enquiries regarding your individual PR project. After all, you know your customers and operating environment the best. Tell us about the advertising campaign you are planning and we will devise the most effective way of supporting you. Your initiative is important to us.

Achieving our goals
- together

For detailed information, or if you have any questions, please phone or e-mail your personal Krannich contact, who will be happy to help.