SolarEdge S-Series

The Next Generation of SolarEdge Power Optimizers

Even great things can get better, and SolarEdge has done just that. With the latest generation of power optimizers, SolarEdge has responded to the higher wattage classes of solar module manufacturers, while simplifying for you the choice of the right optimizer. True to the motto less is often more, there will be only three different models in the section of single-module optimization in the future. So you don't have to concern yourself so much with individual articles and can fully focus on the essentials.

The following diagram shows the transition plan for P-Series power optimizers to S-Series:

Source: SolarEdge

But SolarEdge can do so much more!

SolarEdge Sense Connect continuously monitors the photovoltaic system's power optimizers to detect any malfunctions. The optimizers switch off as soon as the temperature in the connectors increases disproportionately. In that way, arcing, defective connectors and installation errors can be easily detected via the monitoring app. An improved cable layout protects the connectors now even better against moisture and the resulting insulation faults. In short: More safety, easier, smarter!

You can find the new generation of the S-Series power optimizers in our webshop. Click here for the products.

You can now check the compatibility of the P-series with the S-series directly at the manufacturer SolarEdge. Click here for the compatibility matrix.

In summary:

The new generation of power optimizers is SolarEdge's answer to continuously higher power classes of solar modules. The reduction in the number of types simplifies system planning for you, and the thermal monitoring and improved cable layout make the system safer than ever before.