There is a new battery storage system in the Krannich portfolio: the Wintersun Energy Core 1.0. The storage system comes from BYD and is thus an alternative to HVM. 

The Energy Core 1.0 is a modular system consisting of three to eight modules. Each module has a storage capacity of 3.2 kWh. Therefore, one storage tower can have capacities from 9.6 to 25.6 kWh. Just like the HVM, several towers can also be connected in series. With the Wintersun Energy Core, up to 6 towers can be connected in parallel, resulting in a maximum storage capacity of up to 153.6 kWh. The HVM has up to three towers with a maximum capacity of 66.3 kWh.


Numerous compatibilities for the Wintersun Energy Core 1.0 have been confirmed or announced:

  • Kostal: Plenticore Plus and Plenticore BI.
  • Sungrow: SH-RT and SH-RS series / announced for May
  • Fronius: Symo and Primo Gen24 / announced for May
  • GoodWe: ET and BT series / announced
  • SMA: Sunny Boy Storage and STP series / announced

However, depending on the inverter, there may be restrictions on the number of racks or the number of towers connected in parallel.


Wintersun has set up a multi-lingual support service which can be reached by e-mail, telephone and ticket system. 

Because the battery comes from BYD, the 10-year warranty is also provided by the BYD Group. 


Similar to the HVM, the Energy Core 1.0 is easy to install:

  • No wiring between the modules, just plug them on top of each other.
  • No special plugs or special cable cross-sections required.
  • No mobile phone or laptop needed for setup, pure plug & play.
  • Easy to upgrade capacity.

Each module has its own Battery Management Unit, so modules can be easily upgraded later. Older units that may have already lost power will not pull down new units. Each module is 17.5 centimetres high and weighs 36.5 kilos. Compared to the HVM, stacking the modules should be a little bit easier.