LG Electronics presents new battery for LG ESS HOME series

LG Energy Storage System with new battery HBC 11H and 15H

There is a lot happening in the PV market, including in the product portfolio of LG Electronics. New in the portfolio are the HBC series batteries developed and produced by LG Electronics itself, which replace the HBP series.

The DC coupled storage system consists of a 3-phase hybrid inverter with 8 or 10 kVA and the HBC 11H or 15H battery storage. The maximum PV system size is thus still 12.0 or 13.5 kWp and the usable storage capacity is 10.6 to 28.4 kWh.

The HBC batteries are based on the safe, cylindrical lithium-nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) cells and are easy to install via Plug & Charge. The hybrid inverter has 3-MPP trackers for flexible DC dimensioning. Backup power can be ensured with the Enwitec Backup Box. In addition, the LG ESS can be combined with the LG heat pump and the manufacturer has announced a wallbox of its own brand for 2023.

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