Axitec is launching two new batteries. Both the Axistorage SV1 and the Axistorage SV2 are now available in the Krannich webshop. The two storage series differ in their storage capacity and voltage, but are otherwise similar in design. Both are modularly configurable and cover the following capacities:

  • The Axistorage SV1 meets larger storage needs. With 3 to 7 storage modules - called Energypack - it has a capacity of 10.1 to 23.6 kWh. The voltage is 144 to 336 V. 
  • If the voltage of the smallest battery configuration is too low, the Axistorage SV2 can be chosen instead. 2 to 4 energy packs provide a storage capacity of 6.7 to 13.5 kWh. The voltage ranges from 192 to 384 V. 

This means that the Axistorage SV2 is more suitable for smaller systems or lower storage requirements, and the Axistorage SV1 for correspondingly higher requirements. 
The other features are the same for both storage series:

  • 10 year guarantee
  • IP55, so both can be installed indoors and outdoors
  • LFP battery
  • State of Charge (SOC) can be read on the display and via app
  • No parameterization necessary during installation
  • Good availability

Both batteries are compatible with the most important inverters from well-known manufacturers, including Sungrow, GoodWe or Sofar.