GoodWe – product update

New inverters available

GoodWe launches two new inverter series and some product updates. The new products are available in our webshop.

The ET hybrid inverters in the power range from 15 to 30 kW will make the start. They can be ordered now and will be delivered in the first quarter of 2023. Thanks to oversizing, the inverters can be used for systems up to 45 kWp. GoodWe thus has plants on commercial properties or apartment buildings in mind. The inverter can be used for more than just self-consumption optimization. Peak shaving and emergency power are also possible. Up to 260 kWh of storage capacity can be connected via two battery inputs. The following batteries are compatible:

  • Lynx Home F und F PLUS+
  • Pylontech Power Cube and Force H1/H2

Later in 2023, additional power ranges of the ET series will be available, as well as the new string inverter seriesSMT. GoodWe also launches new versions of the following products:

  • XS inverter series: among others, 15A input current instead of 12.5A so far
  • EH inverter series: among others 16A input current instead of 12.5A so far
  • Lynx Home F battery series: now up to 8 towers of 5 modules can be combined via parallel connection. This brings up to 131 kWh of usable energy. 
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