1,000 employees at Krannich

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Krannich has now hit the 1000 employee milestone. One thousand people at work for the expansion of photovoltaics, spread over almost the entire world. You can find them in our warehouses, offices or out and about with customers and suppliers. Rapid growth brings many new faces. But there are also long-time employees who have already experienced a lot together and with Krannich. They have a lot to tell - and tips for new colleagues.

"On my way to the job interview, I got stuck in traffic at the tiny bridge in Hausen and it got me a bit irritated," recalls Angela Volle, who has been with Krannich for nine years. Julia Stegmüller has been with the company for ten years, and the circumstances of her job interview were a bit strange: "The toilet flush was broken and you had to pick up rationed water in watering cans at the central office to flush." And Markus Erhardt really only wanted to work for Krannich during the summer: "The warehouse manager persuaded me to stay." That was 15 years ago.

At that time, there were less than 100 employees working at Krannich. Since then, some things have changed: "We've become very big, much more structured," says Stefan Halle, who has been in the company for 19 years, adding, "but we're still family-oriented and helpful." This is also true at the other sites around the world: “There is a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I can consider my colleagues as my family members”, says Stavros Tsiakalakis, working for Krannich Greecy for 14 years now.
Of course, anyone who has worked for a company for such a long time has many stories to tell:

  • "10 days after I started at Krannich, I was sent to Italy for two weeks and helped out in the warehouse." Pascal Kerwin-Zudrop, with the company for 12 years.
  • "The last Christmas party before Covid was a real highlight for me - I felt like crying with happiness for the first half hour because of all the things they did for us." Monika Notzon, with us in Austria for 7 years.
  • "I'm really proud that we managed to evolve Krannich Solar Greece to a very successful branch.” Stavros.

Over the years, memories accumulate, there are ups and downs, tasks change, teams change, colleagues come and go. The entire industry is in constant flux. And for some, what stands out is the fact of being part of it: "My absolute highlight is that Kurt Krannich hired me back then as a career changer and believed in me," says Stefan. Yolanda Martínez from Spain had a similar experience: "I had no experience at all, and here they gave me the opportunity to prove myself." That's exactly what Yolanda has done and she is now part of the Krannich family for eleven years. To ensure a successful start at Krannich, our old hands have some tips ready to share:

  • "Don't be overwhelmed by all the names and information. Everyone has been in the place you are now - you can do it!" Pascal. 
  • "Have fun at work. Say what you enjoy, and I'm sure you'll find a job that suits you at Krannich Group." Stefan.
  • "Never give up, we at Krannich can do anything." Markus. 
  • "Everyone who applies here can look forward to a great time with the Krannich family." Amira Flack, with us for 12 years.  

The veteran employees agree that investing in Krannich is worth it: "Every sacrifice is rewarded," Yolanda says. "The good times far outweigh the difficult ones, especially when you get recognition for your work at the end." Moni adds, "the nicest feeling I've been given here is that I'm not just a number and that my personal life is not disregarded." Amira wishes "that it would continue to be so harmonious." And Stavros says, “Krannich encourages its members to support and praise each other, which leads to a positive and motivating environment.”
Well, "the tiny bridge over the Würm still exists today. In the meantime, however, I know at which point I can watch the oncoming traffic to pass it smoothly."