You can rely on us! Krannich Solar ...

... certified as having an exceptionally strong credit rating.

Krannich Solar GmbH & Co. KG has been awarded the CrefoZert creditworthiness seal by Creditreform Stuttgart Strahler KG. As a result, the global photovoltaic wholesaler now ranks among the 1.7 per cent of German companies certified as having an exceptionally strong credit rating.


The award documents the focus on stability and security at the owner-managed wholesale company. For company founder and Managing Director Kurt Krannich, the creditworthiness seal sends an important signal as "insolvencies in the solar sector are unsettling both to our customers at home and abroad and also to our suppliers. Particularly for our customers – handicraft companies that can ill afford to take major financial risks – it is extremely important that they place their orders with companies that are stable in the long term".


Krannich Solar managed its strong international expansion over the last few years wholly out of its own financial resources. Given the current crisis of the solar industry this is a big advantage, as its commercial independence is safeguarded. As a result, the company can continue to respond quickly and directly to changes in the market.