End customer statement Werner Lamparter, Germany

Werner Lamparter from Sindelfingen reports why he has chosen a PV system with a storage unit.

It comes with my day job that I'm very interested in all innovations and technical developments to do with renewable energies. The last two years have seen many changes in solar power generation and storage in particular. So many, in fact, that I have decided to become more self-sufficient regards electricity prices and suppliers and to install my own photovoltaic system including power manager and storage unit.


The Neher company, a local installation company, offered me detailed advice so that the system is fully tailored to my requests and needs. For example, with long-term use in mind, we designed the battery with a slightly larger capacity, enabling us to limit the power withdrawal in the summer to 60% of the battery's capacity. This increases its service life by approx. 800 loading cycles. Depending on the time of year, the stored electricity from the battery lasts until 8 or 10 in the morning when the system is already generating fresh electricity.


I'm also very pleased about the fact that my energy-demanding hobby – an electronically controlled model train set with twelve trains and sophisticated illumination – no longer places a burden on my energy budget.


Of course it also feels good that my PV system is giving me a certain degree of energy freedom. It interests and pleases me a lot to analyse the system's performance, output, my own consumption, electricity cost savings over a certain period so that I can leverage the PV system's power potential with electricity storage to its maximum extent. All the while, it is more than just a hobby to me because the bottom line is that my investment in the system is paying off financially.


Additional information:

1. Werner Lamparter
2. 71069 Sindelfingen, Germany
3. 4,400kWh annual consumption
4. Two-person household


Self-consumption pays off